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We all want to relax and find a quiet place for releasing ourselves everyday. We might have forgotten who we are as we work so hard everyday and dedicate our time to work and family but what about us? Spare your time with us at Conrad, we offer a wide range of yoga and stretching courses to help you release.


Courses information

普 通 瑜 伽 班 Hatha Yoga 

Gentle yoga that focuses on static poses


Start with a gentle warm-up, advance to more physical poses, and end with a short period of meditation
從熱身開始, 再增加不同的瑜伽動作, 最後以冥想結束

Focus on Breath via different breathing exercising and aim at releasing ourselves

透過練習不同的呼吸練習來專注呼吸, 學習放鬆自我

Recommend to beginners


流 動 瑜 伽 班 Hatha Flow Yoga

Recommend to beginners


Emphasize the flow between your breath and movement


Focus on the breath, learn how to breathe and relax


Aim at improving flexibility, breath and sleep quality

  提升柔韌度, 改善呼吸及提高睡眠質素

瘦 身 瑜 伽 班 Slimming Yoga 

Recommend to those who want to lose weight 


Focus on muscle stretching and twisting


Remove excess body fat, sweat a lot, smooth lymphatic flow and reduce edema

動作針對甩掉全身多餘脂肪, 大量出汗之餘暢通淋巴消水腫

For the whole body, for arms, shoulders, upper part of pectoral muscles, upper back to waist and abdomen muscles

針對全身, 對手臂、肩部、胸肌的上半、上背至腰腹部的肌肉

排 毒 瑜 伽 班 Detox Yoga 

Recommend to beginners to intermediate level 


Involves stretching and waist movements


Pressurize the abdomen, increase intestinal massage

and effectively promote intestinal peristalsis.

動作針對給腹部加壓, 增加腸臟按摩作用, 有效促進腸道蠕動


Fast rhythm, enhance blood circulation

節奏明快, 幫助促進血液循環

瑜 伽 飛 輪 班 Yoga Wheel 

Recommend to students with some yoga experience looking for new ways to expand their practice

適合有一定瑜伽經驗的學生, 正在尋求新的方法來擴大練習範圍

Open up areas that are typically tight including chest and shoulders, stretches the hip flexors by using yoga wheels

利用瑜伽輪, 協助伸展都市人較繃緊的身體部位, 如: 胸部, 肩膀, 臀部屈肌

Not suitable for students with spinal injuries


痛 症 舒 緩 伸 展 班 Pain Relief & Stretching

Recommend to students who want to stretch and relieve pain


Taught by a full-time registered instructor


Focus on common pains, such as: tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, able to relieve pain 

針對都市人常見的痛症, 如: 網球手, 五十肩等, 有效地改善痛症及伸展

Click and know more about Sean Sir

​按圖了解更多Sean Sir 的資料


Instructors' Profiles


Kit Mak

全職任教瑜伽3年 , 練習流動瑜伽6年時間



Kit Mak, a yoga teacher, practices Hatha Flow yoga for 6 years and teaches as a full time for 3 years. Her strength is to train core muscle, balance and back bending


Certificate 證書


Obtained 200-hour yoga instructor certificate

aerial yoga certificate

yoga wheel instructor certificate

85-hour yoga cure qualification

 fitness instructor certificate from China Bodybuilding Federation



Rainbow Kwok


Rainbow practices yoga for more than ten years and becomes a full-time yoga teacher for three years


Certificate 證書


瑜伽輪Level two

空中瑜伽Level one

空中瑜伽level two



Obtained 200 hours of yoga ground instructor

yoga wheel level two

aerial yoga level one

aerial yoga level two

aerial hula hoop certificate

Candace Lui




Candace has been practicing yoga since 2016 for the sake of managing chronic pain. Teaching experience: 2 years




Provides different courses in schools, private organizations, and multi-regional non-profit organizations

Certificate 證書

200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Himalaya Tibetan Singing

Bowl TherapyTraining Program
95-hour Children Wellness Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Wheel 15 Hour Training, Level 1


Julie Lam




Julie is working as a yoga instructor in 3 different organizations in Hong Kong, her teaching methods are flexible and are very popular among students.

Certificate 證書





Obtained a 500-hour senior international yoga teacher certificate

Yoga Wheel Instructor Certificate

Pilates Instructor Certificate

Sean Pang


Full-time coach, mainly teaches muscle strength and stretching exercises in NGOs, and also has private lessons

Certificate 證書

美國EXOS運動表現提升訓練專家 (EXOS Performance Specialist)

神經肌動療法證書Level 2(NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2)

功能性活動度訓練員 (Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist)

反射性性能重置證書 Level 1 (Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1)

神經科學運動表現應用 (The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance)

美國運動醫學會認可私人教練(NASM International Personal Trainer)

美國運動醫學會長者體適能專家(NASM Senior Fitness Specialist)

香港伸展運動學會伸展導師(HKSEA Personal Stretching Instructor)

香港伸展運動學會私人伸展導師(HKSEA Personal Stretching Trainer)

聖約翰救傷會運動急救專修課程(St. John Sports Emergencies Course)

Stella Law

Stella 任教Ashtanga,Hatha,Vinyasa,Yin


Stella teaches Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and specializes in Arm Balance and Dynamic Flow

Stella亦是Yogananth Andiappan社區的志願者,目前在“Changing Young lives foundation"任教

She is also a volunteer member of Yogananth Andiappan Community and currently teaches at Changing Young lives foundation.

透過不同的方法治療身心, 包括:




Among the many healing modalities she uses in her practice are yoga and meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, and health counseling

 Stella is passionate to share her yoga experience, and to help others feel the significant physical and mental benefits that yoga has provided for her


Certificate 證書


200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training



Monday 星期一

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​7pm - 8pm

Slimming Yoga 瘦身瑜伽班

​8pm - 9pm

Tuesday 星期二

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​11:15am - 12:15pm

Pain relief & stretching 痛症舒緩伸展班

7:30pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday 星期三

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​10am - 11am

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

6:45pm - 7:45pm

Couple Yoga


Friday 星期五

Detox Yoga 排毒瑜伽班

​10am - 11am

Slimming Yoga 瘦身瑜伽班

7:30pm - 8:30pm

Yoga Wheel 瑜伽飛輪班*

8:40pm - 9:40pm

Saturday 星期六

Pain relief & stretching 痛症舒緩伸展班

2pm - 3pm

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​3:30pm - 4:30pm

Thursday 星期四

Yoga Wheel 瑜伽飛輪班*

​10am - 11am

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​11:15am - 12:15pm

Hatha Flow Yoga 流動瑜伽班

​7pm - 8pm

Hatha Yoga 普通瑜伽班

​8pm - 9pm


*瑜伽飛輪班, 學生需另付$15課程費用




Applicable for all Yoga Classes

10-lesson 堂

HKD750 (HK$75/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 3 months 3個月內適用

20-lesson 堂

HKD1,400 (HK$70/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 7 months 7個月內適用

30-lesson 堂

HKD1,950 (HK$65/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 12 months 12個月內適用


Applicable for Pain Relief & Stretching Class

10 lesson 堂 

HKD1,200 (HK$120/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 3 months  3個月內適用​


20 lesson堂

HKD2,200 (HK$110/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 7 months 7個月內適用​


30 lesson 堂

HKD3,000 (HK$100/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 11 months 11個月內適用​


40 lesson 堂

HKD3,600 (HK$90/each lesson 每堂)

Valid for 15 months 15個月內適用


Trial Class Promotion

-First Trial Class 首堂試玩 HK$100 - Applicable for all yoga classes 適用於所有瑜伽班

-First Trial Class 首堂試玩 HK$160 - Applicable for Pain Relief & Stretching Class 適用於痛症舒緩及伸展班

​*於首次試堂後當天立即購買套票, 試堂價錢可於套票價錢內扣減

*Purchase the package immediately after the first trial class, the trial class price can be deducted from the package price

Special arrangement under COVID-19 疫情下之安排

  • All students & instructors have to perform temperature check before entering the studio. 同學及導師必需於課堂前進行體溫檢查。

  • Minimum 6 students for each class and up to 18 students in a big classroom. 每班最少6名學生,最多18名學生。

  • We will keep a distance of 1.5 metres or more between each yoga mat.​ 每個瑜伽墊之間的距離會保持1.5米或以上

  • We will sanitize the classroom and yoga mat before and after classes. 我們會在上課前和下課後清潔教室和瑜伽墊。

  • Please wear mask in the class.  請於上課時戴上口罩。